What You Need to Get Started with an Electronic Cigarette

Smokers who are interested in the benefits of ditching cigarettes often wonder about the details and mechanics of replacement methods. The cheap electronic cigarette has several components, each of which are essential to its success. The user needs only a basic knowledge of each component, and possibly an interest in trying different flavors.

The cigarette look alike consists of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. A flavored liquid is also needed. No ashtray is necessary! The battery is just that, and is typically rechargeable. The atomizer is a bit more interesting, at least by the sound of its name. All it really does is provide heat due to the electricity provided by the battery. Together, they form the part of the cigarette that is normally white and filled with tobacco. On one end of this part is a light that indicates the cigarette is on when either the “on” button is pressed, or when the user inhales. Which action activates the cigarette depends on the model. The red light simulates the glowing action of a standard burning cigarette. The opposite end of the white part attaches to the cartridge.

The disposable cartridge contains two chambers. A small amount of wadding that is soaked in E liquid occupies one area. The E liquid provides the flavor in the form of the vapor and is what the user tastes and relates to tobacco. The wide range of flavors is as various as those found in the yogurt aisle at the supermarket. This liquid also contains the nicotine, which comes in varying strengths, depending on which the user prefers. The second space is designed to allow air to mix with the heated liquid, creating a vapor. When the user inhales through this end, which mimics the look of the filter part of a typical cigarette, he or she breathes in the vapor.

A starter kit typically contains all of the above. Additionally, enough cartridges to replace one pack of cigarettes and one or more chargers come with the battery and atomizer part. A standard wall charger is generally included, and often a car charger and USB charger, making it possible to energize the battery for the Electronic cigarette almost anywhere. Models vary in how often they must be recharged, some only once per day, making it convenient for smokers with a busy lifestyle to transition smoothly.